Bedumer Winterloop

We can proudly present that Dömlings group received this years revenues from the Bedumer Winterloop. A yearly event where people run for the good cause of cancer research. 



A total of €56.000 was collected via the UMCG Cancer Fund and this money will be spend on the development of new cancer drugs in the Drug Design group. 

Prof. Alexander Dömling responded to all the efforts: 

"I was perplex on last Saturday at the Bedumer winterloop to see the engagement of so many people organizing and running for our cancer project. Luckily now is a good time to be cancer researcher since the field is moving very fast and lots of progress is made for patients. A record sum of 56000€ was collected which certainly will very much help to advance the field of cancer research and finally lead to an improvement of the health of cancer patients in the future.

I would therefore like to thank everybody involved in this great sponsor Bedumer winterloop"


Feb 8, 2016 Category: General Posted by: Andre